Seal Set: Fleur De Lis


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fleur de lis seal set:
– set of 6 peel-and-stick seals with adhesive backing
– outer seal size: appr. 2,2 by 2,5 cm or 0,87 by 0,98 inches
– color: ivory hand-detailed in gold


Fleur-de-Lis Wax Seals – set of six (limited edition)

Impress(ed) with history! Our fine ready-to-use seals are handpressed with an antique original from the 19th Century and then painted in lustrous gold using a tiny brush and a magnifying glass. Although mainly associated with France and the French monarchy, the fleur-de-lis spread throughout Europe over the centuries, was used in Great Britain as well as Florence and even became the symbol of New Orleans when the city was founded in 1717. The fleur is symbolic of purity, nobility, and – especially in modern times – all things deluxe.
The motif itself measures approximately 1,7 by 1,3 cm (0,67 by 0,51 inches), the entire seal about 2,5 by 2,2 cm (0,98 by 0,87 inches). (Please bear in mind that these are handpressed, thus shape and size may slightly vary!)

We use best sealing wax made in North America and France. Each of our seals comes with a strong adhesive backing – simply peel it of the card, stick in place on your letter, card, or gift and give it a firm press! (When used on an outer envelope hand-cancelling is recommended, if available where you live.)
As we’re serious about keeping our environmental impact as small as we possibly can, we don’t use any plastic wrapping. Our seals (and their particular sheen) are protected by a decorative paper envelope instead.

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