Gift Cards with Envelopes


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gift cards with envelopes:
– set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes
– color: Antique White
– card size: appr. 5,5 by 8,5 cm (or 2,17 by 3,35 inches) plus deckled edges
– envelope size: appr. 6,5 by 9,5 cm (or 2,56 by 3,74 inches)




The art of gifting: Beautify your gift wrapping, add some greetings to a beautiful bunch of flowers or just leave a short note to a loved one on the sweetest little cards – which actually come with their own tiny envelopes!
The cards measure approximately 5,5 by 8,5 cm (European business card format) or or 2,17 by 3,35 inches, plus feathery deckled edges all around, the envelopes are a centimeter larger (in both directions), say, 6,5 by 9,5 cm or 2,56 by 3,74 inches. For now, they’re solely available in our brightest color, Antique White, but stay tuned, as more colors may follow soon!

IMPORTANT: Read the product description carefully, please! Props and decoration aren’t included in the offer.

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