Regency Letter Set


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Regency letter set:

– half a dozen (6) pre-folded letters/sheets
– paper color: antique white
– size: appr. 21 by 29,7 cm (European DIN A4) or 8,27 by 11,69 inches plus deckled edges when unfolded
– half a dozen (6) peel-and-stick seals with adhesive backing
– different antique motifs
– seal color: mint
– seal size: appr. 1,7 cm or 0,67 inches in diameter


Corresponding like Jane Austen!

Jane was a prolific letter writer, although many of her letters got destroyed and, unfortunately, have not been handed down. What’s for sure, though, is that during this most romantic period in history we all know through „Pride and Prejudice“ or „Emma“ people didn’t use envelopes for their correspondence. The actual letter was written on the inside of a sheet of paper instead, then it was folded in a particular way and lastly, sealed. If you’re (like me!) drawn to the aesthetics of the Regency/Georgian and Victorian era, this set is for you! There’s half a dozen (six) pre-folded letters/sheets of our beautiful hand-made paper plus six luxury hand-pressed „peel and stick“ seals through which you can set the overall theme or intention of the letter you’re about to send.
The seal stamps people used in the late 18th and 19th Century usually were significantly smaller than the ones we see today and full of symbolism (see below). The seals included in this set are made with an original antique seal wheel of that era (see last photo) from our (small, but growing) personal collection. They measure approximately 1,7 cm (0,67 inches) in diameter with border, the impression inside approximately 1,2 cm (0,47 inches).

This set includes half a dozen (six) pre-folded sheets/letters (DIN A4) and a card with the same amount of luxury seals.

– forget me not, which symbolizes remembrance and emotional attachment
– a small train for „quick“, as the train was a new and the fastest means of transport at that time
– a hand with a heart on its palm standing for truth and love
– two clasped hands for friendship
– a rooster accompanied by the words „while I live I’ll crow“ which refers to self-confidence and being authentic in one’s words as well as attitude and
– a dog for loyalty

Please note: The folded letters are within the range of what’s considered a German „Standardbrief“ (German standard letter) and the seals come with a permanently sticking backing. However, hand-cancelling is recommended, if this is an option where you live.

IMPORTANT: Read the product description carefully, please! Props and decoration aren’t included in the offer.

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