Seal Set: Flowers


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floral seals – set of 8:
– 8 wax seals with 4 different antique motifs
– color: bright, slightly pearlescent ivory, hand-detailed in gold
– size: from 2,1 cm or 0,83 inches in diameter to 1,4 cm or 0,55 inches (with border)
– adhesive backing: Just peel off the card, place on your envelope/project and give them a firm press!
– protective outer envelope and/or hand-cancelling recommended, if possible


The language of flowers: Floral Wax Seals – set of 8

Many of the (more or less) secret meanings we still associate with particular sorts of flowers today actually date back to the Georgian and Victorian eras which were times rich of symbolism. In those days, people would very consciously choose certain types of flowers and even colors when gifting a bunch for a special occasion and the same applies to (in this case: floral) seals to close and send a letter with.
This set includes four motifs for different letter topics or intentions:

– The rose stands for love and deep affection and this pretty French one even comes with heart-shaped leaves!

– The thistle is the national flower of Scotland, but being a hardy and prickly plant, it’s also symbolic of strength, endurance and resilience.

– The forget-me-not (the motto surrounding the actual flower reads exactly this!) is self-explanatory, but there’re many beautiful old myths and stories around the flower and what its name’s supposedly derived from. (One e.g. referring to a knight who drowned after just having picked said flowers for his beloved maiden, another one telling of Zeus himself, who had already named all the other flowers in the world, but had forgotten about the little  blue forget-me-not.)

– The tiniest seal “technically” depicts a forget-me-not, too, but it comes without a motto and is so small that it easily goes with any of the other motifs. Combine it with one of the larger seals as an additional adornment to your envelope, or use it on other pieces of stationery (such as a gift tag or place card) or packaging!

Seal sizes: Oftentimes, antique seals are noticeably smaller than what we’re used to today.
The ones in this set range from approximately 2,1 cm or 0,83 inches in diameter (thistle) to tiny 1,4 cm or 0,55 inches (forget-me-not without motto) with border.

All seals were pressed using rare antique original seal stamps from the 19th Century.
As a color, we went for a bright, slightly pearlescent ivory hue, which is airy, elegant and timeless, and hand-detailed them in gold. (They perfectly pair with our handmade paper in Cream!)
We use best sealing wax made in North America and France. Each of our seals comes with a strong adhesive backing – simply peel it of the card, stick in place on your letter, card, or gift and give it a firm press! (When used on an outer envelope, hand-cancelling is recommended, if available where you live.)
As we’re serious about keeping our environmental impact as small as we possibly can, we don’t use any plastic wrapping. Our seals (and their particular sheen) are protected by a decorative paper envelope instead.

KINDLY NOTE: Props, decoration, the original antique seal stamps and paper are *not* part of this offer! Also, this is a product entirely made by hand, so shape and size may slightly differ. This doesn’t constitute a defect, but is in the nature of handmade products and adds to their beauty and uniqueness.

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