Seal Set: Lions


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lions seal set:
– set of 6 peel-and-stick seals with adhesive backing
– color: warm grey, hand-detailed in copper
– outer size: appr. 2,3 by 2,5 cm and 2,6 by 2,8 cm or 0,91 by 0,98 and 1,02 by 1,1 inches



Courage, dear heart! – hand-painted lion seal sets

Being the king (and queen!) of the animals, lions are emblematic of strength, courage and royalty. In ancient cultures, the lion principally corresponded to gold and the sun itself.
Lions also believe in family (A mother lion will always care and fight for her cubs under all circumstances.) and rest in silence, what was interpreted as watchfulness and consciousness in some cultures. Thus, there’re several ways for you to set the intention of your correspondence or embellish your packaging with these seals: Seal a letter to someone who needs or whom you wish courage for a particular project or a situation they may be facing, to someone you’d like to let know you’ll help or even watch over them, to someone you’re proud of, or who’s just a member of your family or tribe. (Or, on the other hand, a letter which took you quite a bit of courage to write!)
The set would also make a beautiful gift for someone who’s zodiac is Leo.

These seals are hand-pressed using original antique seal stamps/fobs dating back to the 18th (the larger design) and 19th Century (say, the Georgian and Victorian period, as both seals are British) and hand-detailed in copper with the help of a magnifying glass and a tiny brush. We solely use best quality sealing wax manufactured in North America and Europe and – as we’re quite serious about minimizing our environmental impact – don’t use plastic wrapping, either.

The set includes 6 peel-and-stick wax seals (as shown in the pictures) with adhesive backing. Just take them off the card, place them on your letter, gift wrapping, or on your journal page and give them a firm press!

Size: Most antique seals used to be smaller than what we have/use today. These two, however, belong to the larger ones in our collection. (The large one being the second largest we own!) The motifs/impressions (without borders) measure about 1,7 by 1,4 cm and 2,3 by 1,8 cm. The entire seals (with border) measure about 2,3 by 2,5 cm (0,91 by 0,98 inches) and 2,6 by 2,8 cm (1,02 by 1,1 inches).
Color: We used dark grey sealing wax with a warm, „aubergine“ underlying tone. (We do our very best to capture colors in the most accurate way, yet they may slightly differ from what you see due to your device and its screen settings.)

PLEASE NOTE: Props, decoration and paper are *not* part of this offer! (Seals and our handmade paper are a real „dream team“, though. The ones shown in the last photo are our Petite Notecards in cream.)

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