Vintage “Skrip” Inkwells


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Vintage „Skrip“ Inkwell:

– 1 inkwell with lid
– emptied and thoroughly cleaned
– size: appr. 6,5 by 4,5 cm or 2,56 by 1,77 inches
– volume: appr. 59 ml or 2 oz.

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„Tighten cap. Tip bottle to fill the well“ – These vintage inkwells are a most stylish (and authentic!) alternative to dinky dips and we’re quite sure all calligraphers amongst you are going to love them. First and foremost because they come with a special feature which was even patented in the 1920s: Inside their barrel, there’s a little reservoir which holds just enough ink to submerge a nib, but you won’t dip too deep or have to hold the well at an angle risking to spill ink. (Secondly, they’re simply too pretty!) They used to be very popular in the US for several decades until production was stopped around the 1960s or 70s and there’re still a few around. In Europe, however, these are really hard to find, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on a couple of them. (So, definitely limited supply – don’t wait too long!) Perfect for inks you use more often (I, for instance, use mine with walnut ink.) or have to mix a larger amount of, but these would also make a great addition to any collection of vintage/antique writing supplies.
All of ours are in very good vintage condition with minor wear to the caps and no chips to the glass at all. We can’t exactly tell how old yours actually is, as although the labels’ and boxes’ design was changed quite a bit between the 20s and 60s/70s, the actual inkwells’ design stayed the same.
They’ll reach you emptied (as far as there was still ink inside) and carefully cleaned.

height: appr.. 6,5 cm (with cap)
diameter: appr. 4,5 cm
volume: appr. 59 ml or 2 oz.

IMPORTANT: Read the product description carefully, please! Props and decoration – in this case, the pen holder and nibs – aren’t included in the offer.

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