Come on in!

Dear friends and customers,

During the past weeks and months, we’ve been pretty busy here at Panopticum. We’ve been crafting new molds and deckles, making lots of paper, folding and glueing pretty envelopes, taking photos and we set up our website as well as this blog. Now we‘re finally ready – our shelves are stocked with things of beauty and we‘ve just turned the sign at our front door to read „We‘re open!“ for the very first time! 

We hope you‘ll enjoy your first little walk around our shop and hopefully you‘ll discover one piece or another you fall in love with and would like to call your own. Each single item we design and create puts a smile on our own faces and we hope you‘ll feel the same!

A heart-felt welcome from

Anja and Harald

P.S.: Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven‘t already) and follow us on Instagram, as we‘ll be constantly adding new paper formats, colors, wax seal motifs and curated items. Some of them are one of a kind or limited editions, so you may want to be one of the first persons to know when they‘re going to hit the shop! 

We love to stay in touch with you.